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FAST Track die – new module for Digicon Series 3

We are proud to launch our latest module for the Digicon Series 3. The new FAST Track die is the world’s fastest semi rotary die cutting system.

With digital presses running faster, and a trend towards in-line finishing, there is a strong demand for higher speed die cutting.

With a patent applied for (GB1509471.7), this represents a quantum leap in semi rotary die cutting technology.

Running at 150 metres per minute in semi rotary mode, it has a repeat range of 250-508mm.

You can see the FAST Track die at Dscoop Israel 6-8th April and Dscoop Texas 14-16th April. Anyone unable to attend these events can also view this ground-breaking technology at our Bridlington, UK facility. We will also be exhibiting it at Drupa, in June.

For more information and to arrange a demo, please email info@abgint.com.