Our Converter is a fully modular converting line, which can be customised to meet your individual needs. Whatever your customers require, this system can provide – from rotary die cutting, flexo printing, inkjet printing and laminating to cold foil applications.

Available up to 670mm web widths.

Four web widths offer a range of solutions 

for non-stop productivity

Drive a competitive advantage with:

  • Innovative design and first class engineering
  • The ability to retrofit new modules
  • Integrated camera inspection


Converter Series 3

  • Unwinds – available to handle up to 1250mm diameter rolls.
  • Rotary die cutting – roll to roll or sheet fed applications.
  • Flexographic units – for adding printed value.
  • UV, IR or hot air driers – flexible curing options for all applications.
  • Bulk waste rewinding – for quickly removing large areas of waste.
  • Lamination – under, over, delamination and re-lamination modules, as well as web turn bars.
  • Slitting – scissor, razor or crush, with auto-slit time-saving knife setting units.
  • Rewinding – single, twin or turret – to complete your work efficiently.
  • Contact stripping – for delicate substrates, complex shapes and difficult adhesives.
  • Ink jet printing integration – complete integration for improved capabilities.

View and download the
Converter Technical Specification by clicking here.



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