ECOLEAF is a revolutionary digital finishing solution that reduces the environmental impact of applying metalic embelishments to self-adhesive labels.

5 x more sustainable

than conventional cold foiling.

  • A more sustainable, innovative alternative to traditional foiling techniques.​
  • Reduces CO2 footprint by more than 50%. Removing 20 tonnes of CO2 from the production process – the equivalent of 833 new trees!
  • 1kg of metal flakes provides the equivalent of 3 tonnes of conventional foil.



  • Reduces waste – ECOLEAF eradicates the use of hot and cold foil rolls and their subsequent high impact on waste.
  • Reduces costs – By using only the required amount of metal for the printed area, ECOLEAF reduces the cost of metallic embellishment.
  • Range of colours – The basis of ECOLEAF is a silver pigment that can be overprinted, delivering a rainbow of metallic colours, including gold.
  • Integrate with existing production lines – Easily integrated inline on analogue or digital printing presses, ECOLEAF consists of a printed trigger image and a metallisation unit that precisely applies the required amount of metal to the trigger image.

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