Shrink Sleeve 


The Shrink Sleeve IC, converts shrink sleeve reels into single sleeves with pre-stacking. The cutting system is completed with a shear cut to apply a clean cut every time. The motorised web path then allows the material to pass through the machine at high speed.

The movement of the rollers and the cut are electronically synchronized, allowing for the precise optimisation of machine movements to improve both efficiency and productivity.

Accurate results 

with a flexible and automated set up

A versatile cutting and stack machine, that can be used to cut shrink sleeves, IML, labels, and flexible packaging from a single machine. 

The IC can also sheet and also offer perforation using mechanical tooling. 



Shrink Sleeve IC

  • Accuracy – Perfect the length of the cut or perforation.
  • Flexible – Compatible with a wide range of sleeves and materials.
  • Versatile – Can perform the simplest jobs to the most demanding.
  • User friendly and efficient – Ease of operating due to its ergonomic design and low maintenance.
  • High quality – Manufactured mechanically and electronically using only the best components.

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