The RTS Sheeter is a servo-driven sheeter with a guillotin-style cutting action. Available in three web widths – 330mm, 430mm & 530mm – it can can cut to mark, to length or to interlabel gap with an accuracy of +/-0.15mm.

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Accurate performance and control whilst:

  • Reducing waste
  • Increasing productivity 
  • Precision cutting accuracy


RTS Sheeter

  • Easy-to-use – with intuitive, multilingual touchscreen control.
  • Waste reducing – the RTS will stop automatically, when the job is complete.
  • Efficient operation – automated make-ready control and speed control function with automated speed limitation.
  • Configurable missing registration mark window.
  • High-quality performance and control – high cutting accuracy combined with missing mark sensor and label detection.
  • Smooth operation – due to the unwind tension control system combined with the loop control supported by an ultrasonic sensor.

View and download the
RTS Sheeter Technical Specification by clicking here.



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