Shrink Sleeve


The shrink sleeve DR is designed to unwind and rewind material to control, detect and sanitise any defects. It has an alignment system and a splicing table for correcting defects.

This along with the air balloon, an adhesion inspection mechanism, designed to test seals by injecting air inside the shrink sleeve, helps ensure strong and consistent seaming.

Ensuring a reliable 

and efficient seaming process

The shrink sleeve DR offers a versatile inspection and doctoring solution for sleeve and flexible packaging.


Shrink Sleeve DR

  • Incorporates any in-line inspection system
  • The ergonomic and safe design ensures comfort and operator safety
  • The bi-directional machine means it is able to operable with the web running in ether direction
  • The robust model has a compact, reduced footprint
  • LED lamps and alarm serve as a warning guide for the operator and notify all machine statuses

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