Offering unparalleled flexibility, the Omega SRI3 can be modified to meet your needs both now and in the future. The SRI3 is based on ABG’s proprietary slitter technology which has evolved over 40 years of direct customer feedback and experience.

With our integrated quality inspection system (fleyeVision) comes the advantages of reliability and efficiency. Also offering reduced waste control, the SRI3 can improve productivity and efficiency across your business.

Configured to meet

your individual needs

The larger diameter unwind and nip roller wrap around improves tension control – preventing slippage and interweaving of the web.



Omega SRI3

  • Large diameter unwind – 840mm unwind
  • Nip roller wrap around – Better tension control and avoiding interweaving of the web
  • Three speed options – For slitting, rewinding and inspection
  • fleyeVision camera – ABG designed and built camera inspection seamlessly integrated for quality control
  • Retrofittable – Compatible with a range of different machine set ups
  • Ergonomic – Designed with the operator in mind

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