ABG Connect is a complete revolution for the labels and packaging market. By fully automating and fully integrating your ABG finishing line, you can enjoy the benefits of elevated productivity, reduced downtime and waste from as little as 3 metres between job changeover.

Integrate your ABG line into your MIS to automatically send job data to your machine via a scanned barcode and receive live job data for accurate production reporting direct from your ABG finishing solution.

“This is an

automated revolution.”

Dr Adrian Steele
Managing Director
Mercian Labels UK
Ensuring an efficient, versatile

and productive digital finishing process.

Develop your ABG Connect package to suit you. From basic reporting solutions to complete machine set up automation, it can be tailored to suit the needs of your company.

ABG Connect can be fully integrated with any MIS system including any home-grown XML based solution making it the most flexible, adaptable and integrated machine automation product available on the market.

To be able to create completely automated environments, we have developed an extremely close working relationship with CERM, our preferred ABG Connect partner and the industry leader for Management Information Systems (MIS).

By working together, we are able to offer ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity to CERM for quick and simple integrations between your machine and management information system.

View and download the ABG Connect
brochure by clicking here.



  • Incorporates all ABG automation modules available across all ABG finishing lines.
  • Reduces your reliance on operators with job parameter entry capabilities.
  • Utilises the industry standard JDF / JMF messaging format for maximum compatibility.
  • Fully integrated with fleyeVision SinglePoint for a completely automated camera inspection setup process.
  • Connect your Vectra turret rewinder to create a fully automated end-to-end finishing line with job parameter entry and SKU label printing capabilities.
  • Receive live job data reporting direct from your machine for accurate, real-time production reporting.
  • Fully retrofittable to any Digicon Series 3, DigiLite, SRI or Omega Converter.



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